Kaspar Noé

Kaspar Noé was born in Braga in the North of Portugal. Having grown up with an artistic mom and surrounded by art, his love for music grew tremendously. Throughout his life, Kaspar is fascinated by music and how sounds are experienced through the feelings of others. Naturally, he is drawn to music. The interest was cultivated during his teenage years by playing the violin and further developed during his first time on the beautiful island Ibiza; there he became madly in love with this phenomenon called electronic music. Kaspar Noé was led around by some lucky Ibiza insiders, therefore finding his way to clubs like DC-10 and Space and even to the more infamous invite-only after parties. Here he was for the first time confronted with artists like Clive Henry and Jamie Jones. They struck a musical note inside his brain and infected him with the electronic music virus that, to this day, has him entirely in his grips. Countless of hours behind the turntables led to a one hour Friday night radio debut on Dutch Radio station Fresh FM, and a gig alongside Michel de Hey and Kink in Studio 80 (a venue that used to be the epicenter of Amsterdam’s house and techno scene).

Kaspar Noé decided to delve deeper into his passion for music by following and completing a Bachelor’s Degree in music and audio engineering. He delved into music production, which involved experimenting with a variety of different sounds, mixing, and post-production for brand videos. The sounds that Kaspar makes are only one part of the narrative. He uses his artworks and videos to allow the musical environment a face; It is a collaboration between Kaspar and his inspiration. Kaspar values his connection with music; he feels that the artistic exchange between sounds and the artist opens up many opportunities for emotion and expression.

Kaspar Noé’s other passion is Digital Marketing, and he loves combining both worlds. He aims to work with innovative brands to create artistic value beyond growth. Brands that make big leaps and change markets, societies, organisations and lives for the better. Kaspar wants to bring strategy, design and experience together, as a single creative force to make progress happen.

You will find Kaspar Noé in Amsterdam, surrounded by the local electronic music scene and creative cultur